Six-Word Story # 9

I hate to admit but I don't have anything to do right now so I decided to pour out the hatred with this. ATM: in front of my work desk, staring at the unending boredom.


What I am Today I am feeble just like a pale plant; Left unattended and wilting, settled on a dry earth and dying, and a rain is what I am yearning. Hoping it would fall.  

First Year of Love

Time fly fast and now we have reached a milestone. Happy 1st Anniversary babi. One year of love from me to you and the other way around. Thank you for being the beacon when my days were doomed, you gave lumen and inspirations...

Mam Mem Mim MOM Mum

Things gets lighter when I'm with you Happiness arise and problems disappearing too All is bright and in euphoric hue Everything you say is right and true You're the first person I love So with your partner, my dad Your carefree gestures can't be compared to any brand So thank you for all, especially for... Continue Reading →

Cold Nights

When you caught yourself in a boring situation melancholic thoughts will start rippling in your mind; the gray days will flash and make your emotions frenzy until you'd have come to realize that they were roots of your euphorias and sadness today. You will just let them slip again and cage yourself in the flashback... Continue Reading →

You told me stories that I've never known before To be specific: They were truth, secrets and more   I know you've got something deep down under But when I'm starting to ask you you're making an uproar   You told me you love me but you never really fill that up Because of the questions... Continue Reading →

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