Six-Word Story # 13

Smile. Smile. Smile. My everyday mantra.


Hey! It’s a new day!

Another day - a new day to start new things and to do what you didn't do yesterday. This is your chance to embark positivity to people you'll meet and be the light to everyone. Paint your face with a smile and forget those bleak moments that makes you disconnected to the world. Smile. Love.... Continue Reading →

Some Times

There are times that you would willingly let in yourself be sucked by a quicksand after a tiring day to forget problems that swallowed your positivy.

Six-Word Story # 9

I hate to admit but I don't have anything to do right now so I decided to pour out the hatred with this. ATM: in front of my work desk, staring at the unending boredom.

First Year of Love

Time fly fast and now we have reached a milestone. Happy 1st Anniversary babi. One year of love from me to you and the other way around. Thank you for being the beacon when my days were doomed, you gave lumen and inspirations...

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