The Blue Bird

Love can happen between two different people. It doesn't matter whether one's color is different than his partner or was raised in a┬ástrange culture or one is older than the other. It just happened that their heart beats synchronously in their peculiar romantic world.  


What I am Today I am feeble just like a pale plant; Left unattended and wilting, settled on a dry earth and dying, and a rain is what I am yearning. Hoping it would fall.  

Mam Mem Mim MOM Mum

Things gets lighter when I'm with you Happiness arise and problems disappearing too All is bright and in euphoric hue Everything you say is right and true You're the first person I love So with your partner, my dad Your carefree gestures can't be compared to any brand So thank you for all, especially for... Continue Reading →


Nimbus starts to fall And everything seems small Mountains grew tall and mud's thickening the wall   I used to bathe in light Where everything is right Happiness through all night and sadness out of sight   But the rain starts to dip And everything gets ripped and broke even the grip the name the... Continue Reading →

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