Every second matters. It can change everything if spent wisely. Imagine a life that stretches endlessly, that would be great right? But in reality that would be impossible. Everything changes through time; seasons, weather, maturity, life and much more. But after of every transition, there is always a new phase, something that can be understood... Continue Reading →

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Hey! It’s a new day!

Another day - a new day to start new things and to do what you didn't do yesterday. This is your chance to embark positivity to people you'll meet and be the light to everyone. Paint your face with a smile and forget those bleak moments that makes you disconnected to the world. Smile. Love.... Continue Reading →

Some Times

There are times that you would willingly let in yourself be sucked by a quicksand after a tiring day to forget problems that swallowed your positivy.

The Blue Bird

Love can happen between two different people. It doesn't matter whether one's color is different than his partner or was raised in a strange culture or one is older than the other. It just happened that their heart beats synchronously in their peculiar romantic world.  

Aningalan: Antique’s Little Baguio

San Remegio is 29 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista, the heart of the province of Antique. San Remegio is known because of rafflesias growing on its high mountains and the rice terraces in General Fullon (which I haven't marvel and set foot in yet, *sighs ^^’), and now by its another developing barangay — Aningalan. You can reach Aningalan with the use of any vehicle.

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