Aningalan: Antique’s Little Baguio

After having multiples of hand drawn plan, one has been painted just a few days ago. An instant and unplanned one, as they described it (as you know unplanned getaways mostly happen than planned ones) *hoorays👏🎉😄. The grand day that reunited us cousins after many weeks that we have not brushed one’s shoulders and egged one’s one-liners. Thanks to our supportive kins who gave us a free ride. And our destination is to no other than the enthralling little Baguio of Antique — Aningalan.

*I’ll add photos soon 😄 sorry this will be a long post with boring texts. 😄

Untitled-1.pngAningalan, San Remegio, Antique

I considered Aningalan as a name for a tourist spot in San Remegio, Antique but it never crossed my mind that it’s a barangay until I found out a few days ago.

San Remegio is 29 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista, the heart of the province of Antique. San Remegio is known because of rafflesias growing on its high mountains and the rice terraces in General Fullon (which I haven’t marvel and set foot in yet, *sighs ^^’), and now by its another developing barangay — Aningalan. You can reach Aningalan with the use of any vehicle.

Eerie_Cave_icon.pngSnaking into Igbaclag Cave

After paying the thirty peso registration fee/per head, we head first to the last attraction in Aningalan so far — the Igbaclag Cave, just a few kilometers from the registration station. But before reaching the cave, you will see vast empty plots with a sign that reads “Private Property/Lot” and it is assumed that new attractions in Aningalan will erect on those lands.

**And it drizzled**

As we set foot on the resting area near Igbaclag Cave in Aningalan, rain dropped from the sky. YES! And it’s muddy. Tip: Do not wear shoes if you have the feeling and was forecasted the rain will pour on the day of your trip. Thank me later. 😎

(to be continued)


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