Every second matters. It can change everything if spent wisely.

Imagine a life that stretches endlessly, that would be great right? But in reality that would be impossible. Everything changes through time; seasons, weather, maturity, life and much more. But after of every transition, there is always a new phase, something that can be understood and recognize through time. Something that will curl a leaf in just a second, a thing that will create an island in just a tremor or someone that will shatter one’s feelings in a blink of an eye.

It’s always a furrow on the brow to everyone why everything changes or at least why do some things need to change. Especially when changes happen to people, whom you expect to be more or less than they are now. We know that yesterday will be the answer why he is different than before.

Learn from your mistakes and become someone new.

Do you still remember the last time you cried? Is there a difference in what you are feeling now and what you used to feel then?


That, somehow transformed you to become a tough person. The thing is, things that made us feeling hurt before will be the stepping stones in becoming ourselves anew. Learning our mistakes can redefine our image as a human being.

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