More Dramas To Come ðŸ˜œ

Another year has passed - more dramas to come. How to start this one... hmmm *snaps 🤭 I can still remember your face minutes ago when I handed you the laptop, you look like a clown (insert my insulting face), really. Appalling, actually (you do not need to wear makeup). 🙄 Can't stop smiling. Sorry 😜 … Continue reading More Dramas To Come ðŸ˜œ


Happy Tiring Day ðŸ˜

Happy heart's day everyone! Hope you had a great day! 😊 This morning as I rode a tricycle to school, I've seen different acts of love. I've seen people buying romantic items to surprise loved ones and couples locking fingers. My mood was lifted by the colors of love filling the street and smiling people. … Continue reading Happy Tiring Day ðŸ˜